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Dan12905's News

Posted by Dan12905 - November 3rd, 2012

Although it's taking a while, an animation is in production. And I will be uploading, but I've only recently started this project, so the upload is gonna take a while, from here on I will have long period of time with no post, but I shall return on the day I upload the flash. If you want to contact me do it on my youtube

Posted by Dan12905 - October 25th, 2012

I have officially given up on stick empires, because I have only lost 2 matches ever, but it says 7 because the servers are shit, and keep disconnecting me. And I know its not my internet because I play actaully hard to run games like TeamFortress 2 completely fine

Posted by Dan12905 - October 20th, 2012

I won 1st place for todays top scores of the game Effing Worms

Todays champ of Effing Worms

Posted by Dan12905 - September 16th, 2012

I found this thing called nightcore, and at first I thought it was dumb, because it's fast forwarded songs, but alot of songs sound awesome faster

Posted by Dan12905 - August 24th, 2012

Well, I got my new computer, im officially 16 (so my animation schedule begins) and I've lost all my files from my other computer cause im to lazy to transfer them, but its all good.

I will miss this 1 though, It was GOING TO BE a tribute to animation vs animator

Posted by Dan12905 - July 11th, 2012

This is the RHG I have settled on


Weopon - absorbs the weopon of a fallin enemy, memorizing it's structure and matter
granting the ability to reform the weopon at will

Power -
1. can teliport at the cost of stamina
2. can dash at an enemy for a short period of time
3. untare-able skin/can't be cut, scratch, torn, ripped, etc...
4. absorbs the power of his fallen foe, instant mastery of their abilitys
5. by staring into an enemy's eyes, can learn his/her moves, and tactics
6. the ability to reform a weopon at will

Bio - A vicious creature of humaniod structure, created by a Russian Military Lab in the year 2015 from the remains of a Nazi labortory. It was the 12905th attempt at finishing the creation the Nazi's started, it was a success, and the Russian military began their conquest. but the disigns for controlling it were only constraining it for a short time. Eventually it managed to get to the device, and consumed it gaining full control of itself. Turning its ability's against the russian's it destroyed all military in sight. It eventaully went into hiding relizing it could not keep fighting for ever. 3 years pass, then it begins the start of a plan. It heads deep into Russain military territory searching for the head scientist incharge of his creation. When he finds and consumes him he gains the nolidge of the man. He see's all his memory's and thoughts, (the man was a big fan of the show Rock Hard Gladiators), and SIGMA-ALDRICH was a big fan of a certained fear the scientist had before his death. If SIGMA-ALDRICH was to consume the traits of all the RHG's he could become the perfect being, with no flaws and the absolute power to shape the world at his wimb. So disguised as a soldier he had killed, he entered RHG as Cradd to consume all the RHG's he defeats...


Posted by Dan12905 - July 11th, 2012


Posted by Dan12905 - May 18th, 2012

sorry, but there's a lot of shiz going on right now, but I have vowed that after my birthday on August 17, and I turn 16. I shall spend at least 3 hours a day working on my animating skills, and making some animations as well. But hey, I had a dream the other day,and i kinda want to make it a story, all of the dream I could remember is here:

It's a clear night with few clouds in the sky, a man sits on a hill concealed of vision by trees. Knelt down on one knee, he looks at the full moon and how it illuminates the large empty lot a few yards from the hill. from the right of the lot, a black sedan pulls in. It stops in about the middle of the lot. Four men exit the car, one from each door, all dressed in black. Two men head to the trunk, and the other two stand guard. The man on the hill reaches for a breifcase beside him, and pulls out a SCAR SSR. A rifle equipped for being a sniper. As he lays down readying his weapon, the two men at the trunk pull out another man. His hands are tied and his mouth gagged, but his legs were free so he could stand, and walk on his own.as all the men start slowly walking a few feet to the right of the car. A white limo pulls in from the same entrance as the sadan. It parks across from the it, five of the six doors open. 5 men step out of the car, all dressed in white. The driver goes to the unopened door and opens it. A middle aged man, with grey hair, a white suit and tie, and a cane with a white handle attached to a black shaft by a golden ring. The men escort the man to the men dressed in black. The sniper begins to aim his rifle at the well dressed man, he has it directly to his head. The men in black have a breif conversation with the man, then one of the men in white hands a breifcase to one of the ones in black. The sniper begins to slowly pull down on the trigger, but hesitates, and then stops when he sees another man walk into the lot.

The man walks right up to the group of men. but one of the men in white cuts hime off about half way to the group. The sniper chuckles as he sees the man in white put a pistol to the mans head. Suddenly the man grabs the barrel of the gun with his right hand, and pulls it into the air, as he punches the other man in the stomach. The man in white lets go of the gun, and tumbles back, falling to the ground. The man spins the gun around so he hold it correctly, and shoot the other man in the head. Quickly all the men draw their side arms, and aim at the man. He proceeds to put his hand up, and drops the gun to the grounds. Two men in white walk closer to the man, he starts slowly putting his hands behind his head. The sniper sees a remote in the mans sleeve, and watches as the man presses a button on it. Suddenly the sedan blows of from the snipers left side, causing it to flip into the air spiralling toward the group of men. As the two men in white glance at the explosion, the unknown man runs at them. He jumps up, and his left foot pushes the man's chest slightly back as his right foot swing around, hitting him in the side of the head. His right foot then lands on the other mans right shoulder and the man spins counter clock wise, kicking the man in the back of the head with his left foot. Two men in black and one in white get killed by the sedan fallng on them, as the rest take cover at the limo. the tied man has taken taken cover behind the wreckage of the sedan. When all the men ready to fire at the unknown man, he presses another button on the remote. The limo blows up with three explosions, one at a time starting from the trunk, and ending with the hood.

All the smoke makes it impossible for the sniper to see whats happening. The sniper quickly stands up with his weapon detaching the eqiupment that makes it work like a sniper, and runs down the hill. When he makes it to the seen, the man tied, and the well dressed man are gone, and there are no survivors.

I haven't been working on my animating...

Posted by Dan12905 - April 6th, 2012

lol, well the update was sweet, sadly though, i've barely done any animating (no joke on "barely")
any hoogle, random loop: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/85a46463948d b48dc5bfe7b84958690b


Posted by Dan12905 - February 10th, 2012

Look what I made and Im working on
explosion not created by me...
And thanks LEAXXX for the awesome desktop picture :)